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Blue Planet Trailer Corporation

Light and Medium Trailer Manufacturing, Remanufacturing, Trailer Title Assistance, Trailer Safety Products.

Motorcycle Trailers, utility trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, teardrop and other camping trailers, atv hauling trailers, and more. Trailer safety equipment and VIN assistance.

Specialized Small and Medium Weight Trailers for Generators, Satellite Communications, Local Emergency Communications trailers with self-erecting antenna towers and other features, Mobile Recording/Video Studios with optional television broadcast, Mobile Printing Plants featuring Risograph presses, Command Centers, Backup Computer Centers, Mobile Cell Phone Facilities, Mobile Kitchens, and Mobile Offices. EMP and dangerous weather protection optional.

Blue Planet Trailers is the only manufacturer of low cost EMP protected trailers in the U.S.A. for government and private sales.

News You Can Use

Search for Vehicle Recalls and Repairs

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a new online search tool that will allow consumers to determine, on the basis of a vehicle identification number (VIN), whether a particular vehicle is affected by a recall and has been repaired. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said, “Starting today car owners, shoppers, and renters can find out if a specific vehicle has a safety defect that needs to be fixed—using our free online tool.” The agency also now requires that all major light vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers provide VIN search capability for ongoing recalls on their own Websites. See NHTSA News Release, August 20, 2014.

Blue Planet Trailer Corporation also designs and manufactures satellite dish systems, antenna towers and solar energy collection systems that will survive a major hurricane or thermo-nuclear attack at close range and fully recover and be functional automatically afterwards. They do not use exposed electrical systems and will survive an EMP attack. These systems are also relatively inexpensive compared to alternatives. They are used primarily in support of an underground command center or other structure.

Blue Planet Trailer Corp. also is assisted by our electronics research and develpment company, Blue Planet Electron Corporation.

More information shortly.

Protect Your Trailer from Theft, Speed its Return

Watch for our Trailer VIN Marking System and RFID Identification System coming soon.

Blue Planet Trailer Corporation, division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

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